Monday, August 10, 2009

Tanner had a life. If you call living on a chain a life. He was bleached by the sun which indicates he may not even have had a dog house or shade to protect him from the weather in the 3 and a half years of his life.

I am sure when he was a puppy, his owner loved him and played with him but some where along the time line, Tanner was banished from his home to live alone at the end of a chain.

His owner decided to post an add for a free dog and a horse rescue foster home saw it and brought Tanner to her home to foster him. She then took him to our vet who told her Tanner has a torn Cruciate Ligament and needed surgery fast. He is in danger of stressing the good leg by compensating from the pain of the torn ligament. Tanner is a BIG boy for a chocolate Lab. He weights a big 160 pounds.

Maybe Tanner's owner knew of his need for surgery. It really doesn't matter because we will help Tanner. Wewill having surgery done and find him a loving home. His surgery estimate is $1500-2000. Please consider adopting Tanner or helping with his surgery costs.